Bybet is the revolution of decentralized betting platform integrated with DeFi 2.0 technologies to bring absolute fairness, transparency, and an unrivaled variety of gaming-house games, slots, and sports betting to Bybetians around the whole world. Bybet is proud to present our unique BBET token. Investors become shareholders by acquiring our BEP20-based token. The token allows investors to receive rewards from Bybet's liquidity or affiliate programs and receive active voting power on significant business decisions. Bybet merges two of the hottest industries today – cryptocurrencies and online betting gaming.
Our team is a group of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in all relevant topics of our project. Our main targets in 2022 include the expansion of gaming and betting offers (World Cup 2022) for our customers and pushing the global rollout of our platform.
In parallel, we will issue BBET tokens. These are the first-ever token in the online gaming industry. This unique approach allows us to raise capital for necessary expansion. Plus, investors participate in and profit from the booming online gaming market. BBET tokens also grant full adoption of blockchain technology to ensure transparency, promptness, and fairness for online gaming, shareholder voting, and profit-sharing. The combination of a talented management team, cryptocurrencies, our worldwide unique BBET token offering, and the fast-growing online gaming industry provides enormous potential for success and growth.
One of the most critical aspects of our growth is our industry-leading partner model with the highest possible revenue share deals and the possibility of regional exclusivity. Our partners do not merely supply links; they are and have to be active marketing and business partners.
With a market expected to nearly double from around $50 billion to $95 billion by 2024, online gaming has been and is going to be one of the fastest-growing industries. Participate in this booming market by joining us either as a customer, partner, or BBET token investor! This white paper provides essential information about Bybet and the BBET token to help our prospective supporters understand our business model and long-term vision.